A Note to my Fans

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that there’s been a bit of a gap in my writing recently, most noticeably for those who are following my sci fi series ‘Broken Dark’ and are still waiting for Episode 3 to be released. I apologise for the delay and I’m still no closer to publishing the novella, which, at the time of writing this post, remains unfinished. I hope that you will all bear with me and continue to be patient – the delay is happening because I’m in the third (and final, thank God) year of my university course at the moment and don’t have much free time to write. I plan to resume writing as soon as I can and I’m fairly confident that I will have the next episode of Broken Dark out for late 2017 or early 2018. Again, I apologise for this delay, but rest assured that I have lots of ideas spinning around in my head and the next few years should be an exciting time for my works! I hope you’ll all be keeping an eye on my Facebook pages or website for up to date news and announcements in the meantime!


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