Short Stories & Anthologies

Designed by Najla Qamber Designs


There are things in this world mortal men will never understand, forces beyond reason and ageless entities in the Nether. Good and Evil are more than the simple beliefs of man. They are the Songs of Eternity and their discord rings in harmony. The will to love burns bright and strong in the White and Darkness is more than just the absence of light. It is cruelty and hate and frigid cold—the will of nightmares beyond time and madness.

Darkness is a taint upon creation and seeks to exploit mankind, which is itself inherently flawed. The atrocities it commits echo through the ages, with memories of crime, violence and rape serving as its testament. It is men who do these things, those few who ignore their conscience until their heart hardens against love. Know that this is Evil’s true corruption, the damning effect it has to stain a soul. What is it that drives a good man to slay and steal if not for Darkness? How much pain has to be caused before the human mind breaks?

Choices must be made that define actions. Who could claim restraint when wealth beyond use tempts them? Who could hold to peace when those they love are threatened? The Taint of Darkness is in each and every man and woman. What does one do when its will eventually calls? What does one do when faced with Evil, alone and powerless and enthralled by fear? In its heart, mankind knows it is alone and powerless. It is feeble, afraid, and the Dark is relentless…

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